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Books & Magazines

Books & Magazines

Pen Repair Book (First Edition) by Jim Marshall & Laurence Oldfield



Pen Repair Book (First Edition) – A practical repair guide for collectable pens & pencils by Jim Marshall & Laurence Oldfield, in tribute to Arthur Twydle. Mint condition.  – SOLD

Pen World Magazine – Volume 1, Number 3 – Spring 1988


Pen World Magazine – Volume 1, Number 3 – Spring 1988 – Cover photo includes pens from the Dr. Robert Tefft collection.  Foreground pen: 1920 Sheaffer’s Lifetime #89C.  Feature stories: Dr. Lamy, His Art and Pens; The Wheel of Fortune is Turning at Sheaffer; Dedication to Alex Montgomery; How to Successfully (?) Live With a Pen Maniac; and Fahrney’s Pens: Retailing Roundtable.  Mint/near mint condition.